Typeform Review

Welcome to my Typeform Review. The last few weeks I was fascinated by the beautiful forms created with Typeform. The simplicity of the forms, but also the beauty of it. If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is an example:

Typeform Demo Example

Beautiful, right?

Anyway, I was very excited about it.

Created my forms and found out that there is a Free Versions but also paid Versions of Typeform:

Typeform Pricing Table

The Free Version (Basic as they call it) lets you create 100 responses per month and 10 fields per typeform.

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The PRO and PRO+ lets you do much more.

So I got me a PRO Version and I am really amazed on how much you can do with it. In my humble opinion its very much worth the price.

Want to know how I can edit the form above (inside Typeform)?

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