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With everything going digital, it is no wonder that many people and businesses want to own a website. The sites offer a credible online presence and help to reach a bigger audience. Besides they make consumers of your products take you seriously. Creating a website, be it your niche site, a local business platform or a website for a client is relatively easy these days. One reason for that is the many web building platforms and services available online that offer dummy proof solutions for creating professionally looking websites.

If you wish to build a professional, highly interactive website for you or your business, then look no further. Read on, as the following article offers the help you need...



Important Aspects of a website

For a website to be professional, fun and easy to navigate, two elements must be right. The hosting platform, and the features of the website. Simply put, hosting is the place that stores the website and its content. To make sure the website users have a pleasant experience, it is important if the host’s servers are quick and efficient. Besides hosting, the website should consider the following aspects..

  1. Speed and Load Time
    Users want information, and they need it fast. The website, therefore, needs to be equally fast and not one whose links take too long to load.
  2. Professional look and design
    To make sure that users find the platform appealing, it should have an attractive and professional design. It also needs attractive images, layout, graphics, colors, and fonts.
  3. Easily navigable
    Moving from one part of the website or one link to another should be easy. It should not offer broken links, but rather ones that easily redirect the user his or her desired destination.
  4. Utilizes Content Management System
    The website content needs regular updating, revising and even responding to on an ongoing basis to make the platform relevant and interactive. It, therefore, needs an efficient, easy to use CMS.
  5. Should have quality website content
    People visit websites for the content and information offered. The content, therefore, must be of high quality, relevant, priceless and timeless.

If you can realize the above five elements in a website, then you can have a successful and lucrative platform. The good news is that by leveraging on a reputable free framework like WordPress, you can create such a website for free RIGHT NOW by entering a domain in the box below)…

WordPress, a genuine Content Management System (CMS)

If you are keen about website frameworks and CMS, you must have come across WordPress. The CMS has gained rapid popularity because it transformed the website building process. Traditionally, to build a website a person had to understand the coding languages HTML, and CSS. One then had to code the language by hand manually. The laborious task is, however, a thing of the past thanks to Content Management Systems like WordPress, which need no coding language ability.

Benefits of Using WordPress

a. It is easy to install and set-up.
b. Requires no HTML or technical coding knowledge.
c. It offers over 1,400 websites templates from which to choose.
d. With just a click, one can install over 10,000 add-on features, plugins, and extensions.
e. Has a very vibrant, knowledgeable, helpful and support community

These are just some of the reasons why for over four years now, I still prefer WordPress for building all my websites.


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From the video, it is clear I can help anybody have a fully functional website in not more than five minutes. To do that, however, involves taking the following three simple steps:

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Through the above steps, you can get your own fully functional website up and running in no time. If you feel that it is high-time, you too enjoyed the benefits of owning a WordPress website, I am here to help.

Need Help with your Sites?

If you need any help or have questions about creating a WordPress website, simply write your question or comment below. Otherwise, you can contact me through my profile on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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