Funnel Scripts

My review of Funnel Scripts - March 2019

Use: Copy-​writing Software


Complete Copywriting Software


Costs $497 yearly

Easy to use?

Intuitive Script Creator based on WordPress


Clickfunnels provides great 24/7 Support

We Like

  • Regularly new and improved Scripts
  • Many different Scripts available
  • The Perfect Webinar Creator

We Don't Like

  • Saving options for Scripts 
  • Is a bit overwhelming at first

Summary: Funnel Scripts is the Tool I use for most of my Copy-writing​. It has a variety of different scripts and bonuses that generates great Copy on Autopilot. 

​With Funnel Scripts I don't have to hire a costly copywriter or figure out the copy myself - Funnel Scripts writes most of the copy for you.

My story:
I basically am a Funnel Scripts User since the first day. Because a lot of people have asked me how Funnel Scripts works and what bonus we can get from funnel scripts - here we are 🙂 I made this review so that you can find out what Funnel Scripts is and if you need it in your Business.

Do you want to try Funnel Scripts for yourself?


Now there is a Free Trial where you can test the Amazing Headline Script Generator for yourself!

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Check out the Video about Funnel Scripts

What is Funnel Scripts exactly?

Funnel Scripts is a Copy-writing Software that creates various different Copywriting Scripts automatically. You can then use these Scripts in your business, for example you can create a Video Sales Letter or you can also create different Headlines or even whole webinars with it.

funnel scripts dashboard after login

This is the Funnel Scripts Dashboard after the Login

Hands on with Funnel Scripts

In the Video below you can find a small overview on how the Login into Funnel Scripts works as well as all the current scripts that are offered:

What is inside the Membership Area?

Funnel Scripts offers various Scripts on the Site itself but also different bonuses and downloadable Software to use on your PC or Mac.

  • Funnel Scripts Software (Webbrowser)
  • 39 different Scripts
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard (Download)
  • VSL (Video Sales Letter) Wizard (Download)
  • Easy Survey Script
  • Star Story Solution Script
  • Funnel Scripts Trainings

Funnel Scripts Software

39 different Scripts

Perfect Webinar Wizard 

VSL (Video Sales Letter) Wizard 

Easy Survey Script

Star Story Solution Script

Funnel Scripts Training

How does it work?

It's easy to create a new copy. First you choose the Script you want to use, then you fill out the information that is needed in each field. After that you can click on "Submit" and it generates you the script.

Try Funnel Scripts for yourself (for FREE!):

Here you can see a Live demo for the "Profitable Title Script":

Do you want to know more? Then attend the Free Funnel Scripts Webinar hosted by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson here:

Funnel Scripts Webinar