Do You Want To Create Your Own Digital Product? – Let Me Show You How!


As an Affiliate Marketer, you can really earn Money. But the Real Deal is to Create Your Own Products!
In this Article I’ll talk about this and show you how you can do that!

Affiliate Marketing – Is it enough?

I’ve started as many Internet Marketers as an Affiliate. I’ve sold products from Vendors and I’ve built my Email List and promoted the Products with the List.
But the Problem in this System is: If you want to deliver products with value, you have to buy them yourself and test them first. So that cost you some money.
Then you have to advertise it the right way, usually your Email List is enough. But if you want to make more money (real money) you have to pay for your Ad. And you don’t know if the Product is working out or not.

How to bank the Real Money

As I described above, as an Affiliate nowadays it isn’t easy. So I’ve searched how I can do the BIG money and I’ve started to create Salesfunnel with Clickfunnels and with my Own Products (Physical Products). It’s working very well, but it’s not that easy for a total Newbie, IMHO.

So what I recommend to you is to Create a short Digital Product (Usually an eBook or small Video) and to sell it Online. You can become a Vendor at or .

So I thought: “Should I myself create a course on How To Create a small Digital Product?” – The Answer is “No, no need for that!” because Desmond Ong has already done that for me.

Is there a Detailed Course On How To Create Your Own Digital Product?



I’ve tested his product and I have to say: It works like HELL!

So Check Out Desmonds Page, watch carefully and take MASSIVE ACTION!

Here is a Video from Desmond directly:



and Here is his Official Website






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