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Article Builder Review – The Article Writing Generator

Introduction to my Article Builder Review

Name: Article Builder
Creator: Jon Leger

article builder review


Intro to my Article Builder Review

So, when you want to be an Internet Marketer you know, that creating quality content (article writing) is essential for your success in that business! But writing content is sometimes hard and hiring an article writing service is most of the time expensive. But what if you could have written most of the articles written for you? This is possible with a Tool called Article Builder by Jon Leger.  article builder review

What is Article Builder about?

Article Builder is an article writing software, where you can generate your articles on different topics.


Here is a small pick from the categories that you can choose to generate your article:

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health
  • Home and Family
  • Music
  • Pets (Cats / Dogs)
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Technology
  • If you want to see all the Categories, please visit the Article Builder Page itself

How does Article Builder work?


  1. Choose your category of you generated article
  2. Choose if you want to Use Super Spun content
  3. Use Expanded Super Spun Content (More Info about this in the Article Builder itself)
  4. Also you can enter some Subtopic Keywords. In my example its “porsche” and “ferrari”
  5. You can set your target Word Count (from 300-1000 words per article)
  6. You can choose how many article Article Builder should generate
  7. You can store these settings in Your Saved Jobs
  8. There are also Advanced Options
  9. After that you can simply click on “Build My Article!”

article builder review

 Article Created by Article Builder

After you have hit the “Build my Article” button after a few milliseconds article Builder creates you Article(s) for you:


You can also also post your Article directly to your WordPress Blog!


Article Content Injection

Another possible Article Creation is to inject existent content of yours and Article Builder  checks your Content and adds some appropriate content:


My experience with Article Builder

I am using Article Builder myself, so for fast content creation I can really recommend this tool. So for example if you are doing SEO and you want fast rankings of your Sites, then Article Builder does its job very nice. Or if you have a new website and you need content, then you can also use Article Builder aswell.

For example you can quickly create an article, put it on your website and after a few weeks you can recreate your own article. Or if you see that your website is successful, you then can let your article write by experienced (mostly expensive) writers.


Article Builder is well worth it’s price and the Content is unique (to 75% and up), which lets you rank your posts/pages quickly rank in Google. So Article Builder spairs you a lot of hard work. If you want the best quality content, than you still have to write the content yourself or hire a writer for example on Freelancer.

Click here if you want to give Article Builder a try!


Copywriting: Write Benefits instead of Features!

Are you aiming to sell a product? Do you have an item that has remained in the marketplace for a long period of time and does not seem to interest anybody although you know it satisfies all the characteristic specifications? Have all your advertising campaigns been futile? Perhaps it is high time you examined your advertising method. As a vendor or a supplier, you could tend to harp on the attributes forgetting that many people that purchase items don’t pay very close attention to them unless they are well familiar with the different brands out there. Why should you compose advantages as opposed to attributes when promoting an item?

Before you even begin an advertising and marketing strategy, think of your clients first. Exactly what is your target market? Just what would certainly fascinate them in the item? What demands do they have? When a marketer has an advert that offers the hi-tech features an item has, the majority of will not recognize what they are or what they could do for him. Exactly what they need to know is the benefits they can obtain from the item. Just how do they take advantage of using it? Keep in mind that home owner get products because they have a certain requirement or trouble they plan to resolve when they utilize the item.

If for instance you are selling beauty items, few people will certainly be interested in understanding the elements of the items unless they are searching for certain features. For that reason, marketing the features might not be advantageous yet when you allow them recognize that they can obtain smoother, glowing skin as well as it will boost their elegance, they are more likely to be attracted to the product. The ground rule is to consistently ensure that the customers know what a particular item could do for them. Also if your product has remarkable attributes to those of its competitors, do not dwell too much on this.

If you want to highlight the attributes the item has, initially offer the benefits then allow the customers understand that those advantages are as an outcome of a specific function. Most of the times, interest is what drives clients to the functions. If a product has helped them, they may want to know exactly what makes it superior to others. You could even do an examination on two products. You could market the features of the first product and even the advantages of the second product and afterwards inspect which one will certainly offer quickly. It goes without saying that when you write advantages as opposed to attributes in a proposition or an advertising project, the item will certainly mover faster.

If you want a faster way to write copy, then check out this post!

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What are the Elements of A GREAT Headline?

great headline in sales copyThe sales heading is the essential part in any type of sales letter. Also if you have the very best testimonies and even revenue statements your site visitors could not be persuaded if your sales headline is not eye catching. Because of that it is definitely crucial for you to discover on how to create a friendly sales headline.

The adhering to are variables you need to take into consideration when writing a sales headline.

For your sales heading to be powerful you need to for example different mental triggers. Psychological triggers are the words which have been proven to stimulate emotions.

In addition to the mental triggers, you need to make certain that you have appealing conceptual incorporate your sales heading. For example if there are some specific attributes that your item has and nothing else vendor has them in the marketplace after that you ought to make that your heading.

You also need to find out a way to fascinate your consumers right into reading it a lot more, also past the conveying point. For instance if you are intending to say something mysterious or making a vibrant tranquility. This will certainly lure your clients to learn more, if only to discover that you were serious.

You should remember to bear in mind that your heading ought to compare with the rest of your sales letter.

* You ought to make a checklist of all the troubles that face your client that your product or service has.

* You should turn every problem you had actually entered the first step right into a headline.

* You need to create 3 headlines as well as test each one.

* You have to include reviews to the previous users or customers of the product if you have got any kind of.

* You should introduce your item from a problem perspective that your product is out to solve beginning with the existing troubles.

Last but not least, when you are creating an effective headline you have to keep in mind to always test it before you introduce it to determine which functions optimal than the other. To do this you can create 2 sales web pages and afterwards test their conversion price.

If you want a faster way to write copy, then check out this post!

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Which One To Use – Long vs Short Form Copy?

The longest standing and also endlessing arguments in marketing circles as well as copywriting is over exactly what is better-short or lengthy copy. The enthusiasts of short copy scripture believe that no one sees the should check out nowadays, and this is enough need to avoid writing lengthy copy. On the other hand, the lengthy copy followers think that a long copy has some keys in the direction of the success of sales. This means that, the more long copies they make, the more sales they sign up. Well, who is ideal in between both institutions of thought?

In a way, both are right since in some instances brief copy is a lot, much better while, in others, long copy is much better. The most effective method is to test the reaction price of each copy to see which copy has the greatest scores. The fantastic advantage is that you can follow certain guidelines, which gives you appropriate guidelines on when it is most ideal to create a short copy or long copy.

Initially, you do not need to compose a lot more that it is essential. Do you actually have to emphasize to persuade clients to get your products? If this reality applies, you should include it to your copy. Will a various section make one of your duplicates a lot more convincing to your consumers? If this fact additionally applies, do not fail to remember to add it to your page also.

There are times that the factors that you have, do not reinforce your argument, but rather serve making your copy much longer that it is required. As a matter of fact, those are the factors that need to not appear in your copy, so do every little thing feasible to leave them out. The others may make your copy also long and also reviews many unneeded details instead of aiding clients to acquire your products. If you find such material, you need to leave them out also.

When writing copy, always be succinct and even to the point making a convincing discussion, but deficient as long that you change the viewers’s sleeping method, that could wish to count on something better.

Guarantee that you examine the response rate to see which converts at the highest price. At times, a postcard will be one of the most reliable, whereas, at various other times, a sales letter is a means to go. In some cases, a succinct e-mail is very well, and occasionally, a lengthy e-mail is far better. Although, it is a challenging activity to recognize without needing to determine the feedback rate, always ensure that you record the imagination of the buyer.

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3 Ways To Quickly Boost Your Sales Copy

There are lots of reasons your sales copy isn’t really transforming, however by progressively polishing in different locations of your copy, you’ll be able to get the most out of it in the future. Your sales copy is just what drives your success and also earnings so it’s merely good sense to place some real effort into making it comparable to it could potentially be. This write-up will certainly reveal you exactly what actions you can require to enhance the performance of your copy.

Put Some Humor In There: Have you ever reviewed sales copy that checks out and even really feels quite a bit like a completely dry corporate sales pitch that is instilled with excessive unneeded jargon. Your objective with the sales copy is to deliver information about your product and even enclose the sale, but at the same time it is very important that you make the entire encounter fun. The shipment approach you choose with your sales pitch absolutely matters. Remember, you do not want viewers to see your sales copy as more of an user’s manual or a completely dry essay; it’s okay to put some life right into it and also make jokes where relevant. This makes it less complicated for your sales potential customers to like your copy and seem like they have a link with you. Including an undertone of humor will certainly take a piece of stale copy and also transform it into some lighter sensation informative material that will certainly make it easier for your possibility to recognize.

Be a Close friend: Do you make up copy that appears more like it has been copied from a sales pitch you’ve seen on television? It is essential making sure that your potential customers really feel comfortable to make sure that you could remove any type of hesitation that comes from reading an offer that really feels commercial. Be friendly to your leads and also offer them some friendly recommendations rather than pushing your offer down their throats. This will allow you to be more obtainable and even display you as a sharing client that cares.

Fear of Loss: “Concern of Loss” is a technique utilized by straight marketing experts to assist obtain more sales in a much shorter amount of time.

By making the potential customers have the fear of loss, you’ll get your leads to put a ‘self imposed’ target date on their actions, which will automatically get them to buy from you promptly. No one wishes to miss out on an excellent offer or offer so adding a sense of seriousness to your copy could help you seem much more irresistible to prospective buyers and even clients. That’s it! Copywriting pointers that aid you make the best sense and also obtain the results you want so put these tips to make use of today.

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