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Introduction to my Article Builder Review

Name: Article Builder
Creator: Jon Leger

article builder review


Intro to my Article Builder Review

So, when you want to be an Internet Marketer you know, that creating quality content (article writing) is essential for your success in that business! But writing content is sometimes hard and hiring an article writing service is most of the time expensive. But what if you could have written most of the articles written for you? This is possible with a Tool called Article Builder by Jon Leger.  article builder review

What is Article Builder about?

Article Builder is an article writing software, where you can generate your articles on different topics.


Here is a small pick from the categories that you can choose to generate your article:

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health
  • Home and Family
  • Music
  • Pets (Cats / Dogs)
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Technology
  • If you want to see all the Categories, please visit the Article Builder Page itself

How does Article Builder work?


  1. Choose your category of you generated article
  2. Choose if you want to Use Super Spun content
  3. Use Expanded Super Spun Content (More Info about this in the Article Builder itself)
  4. Also you can enter some Subtopic Keywords. In my example its “porsche” and “ferrari”
  5. You can set your target Word Count (from 300-1000 words per article)
  6. You can choose how many article Article Builder should generate
  7. You can store these settings in Your Saved Jobs
  8. There are also Advanced Options
  9. After that you can simply click on “Build My Article!”

article builder review

 Article Created by Article Builder

After you have hit the “Build my Article” button after a few milliseconds article Builder creates you Article(s) for you:


You can also also post your Article directly to your WordPress Blog!


Article Content Injection

Another possible Article Creation is to inject existent content of yours and Article Builder  checks your Content and adds some appropriate content:


My experience with Article Builder

I am using Article Builder myself, so for fast content creation I can really recommend this tool. So for example if you are doing SEO and you want fast rankings of your Sites, then Article Builder does its job very nice. Or if you have a new website and you need content, then you can also use Article Builder aswell.

For example you can quickly create an article, put it on your website and after a few weeks you can recreate your own article. Or if you see that your website is successful, you then can let your article write by experienced (mostly expensive) writers.


Article Builder is well worth it’s price and the Content is unique (to 75% and up), which lets you rank your posts/pages quickly rank in Google. So Article Builder spairs you a lot of hard work. If you want the best quality content, than you still have to write the content yourself or hire a writer for example on Freelancer.


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